Arlington Heights, Illinois
Not resolved

Discovered today I am missing 6 channels on my tv's . Called Comcast and they said they are now digital & I would have to pay triple to get those six channels back, but that was good for only 6 mos. until the price rises. They said the good news was I could get two boxes for free! Yipee!!!

The joke is they don't even have digital in my area yet, so what good are the boxes?

Why would you pull channels that you cannot even get yet???????

We never even got notice of this change. I think The Better Business Bureau

should be notified, as well as any and all radio stations & newspapers we can contact.

Really poor on their part.

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Contact the Public Service Comission for your state.


Contact the FCC and your local government. Comcast must have a franchise (basically a contract giving them permission to be the sole cable provider in your town) with your local government to operate.

The FCC requires Comcast to give notice to subscribers of line-up changes as you describe. If that notice is not given Comcast will be fined.

Unfortunately, they probably did notify you before the change was made in you monthly bill. If you're like most of us, you don't take the time to read all the BS and advertisements on the bill, you just mail it off. Chances are the notice was buried in there somewhere.


I have tried telling The Better Business Bureau and didn't do a *** thing.

Next best thing! File a complaint with the FCC. If there is enough complaints they will be shut down!

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