I have been a loyal customer with them for many, many, years. Always paid my bill and rarely ever behind.

I moved to a house my daughter previously lived in. It is a rental. My soon to be ex husband is still at our home and the cable is in my name there. I called to get service and everything went great!

Until the day they were to install. No one shows up, I call comcast and speak with 3 different people over an half hour, not one of them can tell me why the tech isn't at my house. They give me a number to call and I get someones voicemail, I leave 4 messages that day and never get a call back. The next day I call 3 more times and then finally speak with a very nice gentleman named walter.

He says my daughter owed a large bill and he just needed me to answer a few questions. I answer them and he says alright go ahead and contact sales to set up new install date. I do that and then am informed I cannot do anything unless i send them my lease from previous addreess lease for new address, drivers license, social security card and 2 utility welcome letters for new address? What in the ***, IT IS ONLY CABLE!

I CAN GET GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS WITH LESS! I gave them my daughters new address so they may contact her about her old bill and I have services in my name at my old pllace where my husband is. The woman I spoke with that tells me I have to send in all of this documentation then decides to lecture me wanting to know why I am leaving service in my name at old house. 1st of all it isn't any of her business or comcasts business.

2nd I JUST MOVED OUT 3 WEEKS AGO! I haven't even filed for legal separation or anything yet. So I am shutting of my service and my husband was so upset with comcast he isn't putting it in his name.

He is going Direct TV and so am I. So now the over 200$ we paid them, plus what my new service would have costt,will be going to Direct TV.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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