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I was a Direct TV subscriber when Comcast knocked at my door offering service. I was with Direct TV for 7 years and never had trouble, and my bill never went up. I switched to Comcast because I missed watching the Flyers. My bill was $136.00 for a few months. Fast forward to now. Without any change in my service, my bill is over $300.00. To make matters worse, I compared my bill with my neighbor. He was paying $225 for more service. He has 6 boxes, 2 of them are HD and 1 is a HD DVR. He has upgraded internet and phone. But my bill was higher.. That is just the start if my complaint.

I called on Monday 8/12/13 to cancel my account. The nice lady who answered the phone calmed me down and sold me on the new X1 platform. She scheduled an appointment for today, 8/15/13 between 3-5pm. I left work early to be here. NO ONE SHOWED UP!! I am a business person. I do not know how Comcast does business, but this is ludicrous. No even a courtesy phone call to say someone would be late, or not showing.

I then called Comcast (1800-COMCAST) after 5pm and again spoke with a very nice lady on the phone. I told her that I wanted to cancel my service (VERIZON FIOS is now in my area and they offered a significant price reduction over my Comcast bill for better service). I was told that I was going to be transferred to another department to cancel my service. I waited what seemed like an eternity, and then was disconnected. REALLY?? Is this the Comcast business model? Can I get some service for my freaking $300 a month bill. I'd like to have Mr Roberts call me to explain, but I'm sure he has other things to do. What can and will be done to rectify this problem? Chris

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Lehigh Acres, Florida, United States #701968

Sounds like what happened to us, for months we paid $149.57, then our bill jumped to $197.00 & I discovered they had put extra DVR's on our service, so i cld, finally got a response stating well you picked up 2 DVR'S last month, I told them No I didn't, so then she said well someone needs to call you, so another lady calls & tells me oh sorry for the mix up, we will take this off your bill in 2 billing cycles, now mind you we still had to pay our bill otherwise they would disconnect for non payment. Now 2 months later our bill is 500.00!!!

Nothing has chg either! So I have been been on phone with them at least 10 x & no one can give me straight answers. We are done with Comcast.

My advise to anyone thinking of Comcast, Run do not get Comcast! BEWARE!!

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