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My girlfriend, Judith Lamb, has been refused contact with customer service supervisors. Her service was disconnected accidentally by a COMCAST service person. She called and a representative restarted her service, however, her high speed internet was not connected as well as she was charged as if she was being connected for the first time. Everytime she calls now, she is put on hold and then disconnected and refused service. As I am a comcast customer as well, I think it is totally unacceptable that she was refused contact with a supervisor. She cares for a woman and it puts strain on her schedule to take days off waiting for a comcast technician that doesn't show up - as was the case today(6/12/2008). Judith also takes classes online and not having internet access is affecting her class performance. Judith's 9-year old son has a brain disease called Chiari Malformation and utilizes the internet to feverishly research the disease and any experts that may be available to help in the treatment of her son. Bottom line, I would like Rick Germano - SVP COMCAST customer support, to contact Judith personally and please re-assure her that this issue will be resolved and the process of rectifying her service and faith that her voice as a COMCAST customer will be heard. I would like to know if there is any legal recourse she can take to offsett her loss of pay as a result of waiting for a comcast service representative who does not show up to rectify her service.

Damage Resulting

Loss of wages due to the COMCAST service person not showing up as promised. Inability to seek additional resourses towards the treament of her child with a brain disorder, Chiari Malformation. Inability to participate in ONLINE courses for schooling she has enrolled and paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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It is crazy to think everyone has 5 hours during a work day to sit around and wait for a Tech. to show up.

On the other hand, if you work with the customer support center, they will give you the Tech's. cell phone and you can call him and get a better time when he/she might be there.

I have done this. Insight was good about it, I don't know about Comcast yet.


Comcast did not force her to take time off of work. That being the case, she voluntary took time off work to be there, so she cannot do anything for lost wages.

She can, however, of course, take them to court over recharging her a connection fee as well as making her pay for services that she did not have at the time. (I.E, if your cable box is out for two weeks and you call to report it, they have to credit you those two weeks of service.)