Topsfield, Massachusetts
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Comcast absolutely sucks. Had a storm that took out electricity and cable on a Friday afternoon around 3:00.

Electricity was back up in 30 minutes. Cable however took over 6 hours to restore. No phone, no cable, no internet. Called Comcast about refund for no-service and went into the land of ***.

Service support starts with a never ending path of automated prompts. Then you get a live voice --- From the Philippines. Did you know Comcast does not provide service to this country but they hire their cheap customer service labor from there? Got lied to multiple times, told I could not speak to a supervisor because they were all in meetings – really, all customer service supervisors are in meetings for this massive company?

Eventually they offered me a $15.00 refund that they claimed was automated when loss of service takes place. Really? I have never seen any automated discounts show up on any prior loss of service issue.

Held out for $30.00 but the experience was yet another example of what is wrong with letting companies like this get too big. These people are complete frauds and *** They need to be regulated like the airlines now where there are automatic penalties in place for poor quality/lack of service issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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#1256887 dont even pay 30 or even 15 a day for cable, and you said yourself it was only out 6 hours


So i received 2 calls from Comcast office of the executive. Funny thing is, neither person had ever talked to the executive.

I was told that Comcast is aware of their reputation and are putting plans in motion that will take up to 5 years to finish - so just hold on to that *** service their is a light at the end of the tunnel if you can live that long.

Everybody needs to start demanding automatic refunds for quality of service. Hit em where it hurts and the fool that runs customer service (Tom Karinshak) may start receiving less pay if he can't pick up the phone and start spending the money necessary to get this longstanding issue solved.