Beaverton, Oregon
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Internet- slow, their modem freezes up often, they kick me off my router...or atleaast blame the router for all problems. All issues can be resolved with resetting the modem. Or atleast that is all the customer service people know.

Cable-We often get the digitized boxes, sound drops out. THe DVR box has been a mess. One day I turned it on and everything I had recorded and all of my programing was gone! Erased like it was a new machine. I was shocked.

Lately my shows record, it doesn't get the right program. The recorded program might say it recorded 2 1/2 men at 9 pm on Tuesday, but the show that comes up when i it play is other shows from an hour earlier. And the DVR still says it is the right show.

One SAturday night i set the dvr to record a show at 10 to 11 pm. It recorded it twice (on both tuners). When i got up, I found out it was still recording. It had recorded 10 hours of sci-fi on 2 tuners. SO it recorded 20 hours of stuff i did not need. Ugh!

I think the box is possessed.

On Demand has not been working either. Some days it says i dont have that services.

I hate talking to customer service for comcast. When i call for cable problems, they have the same advise as the internet cust. service, "Reset it".

When we get our house next month, we are going with Directv or Fios. Can't be any worse than Comcast. And MUCH cheaper

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Aside from the DVR troubles you described, we experienced the same troubles basically from the first day of being hooked up. We must have had 200 signals sent to the box, and nothing worked.

And getting a tech to show up out here is impossible. Twice they were scheduled and twice they never showed, and when we called to complain, the customer rep said it was written up on the work order as "cancelled" because no one was home. Though they never called, and never showed up. We made sure someone was home between noon and 5.

Our bill went up 35.00 in the last 2 months for no reason. The promo period ended in November. We never got a rate increase notification nor did we upgrade anything.When we again called for an explanation,the first customer rep. read off the bill and charges, when I asked it to be explained, she promptly said, "Maam, I am not here to argue with you" I hung up.

My husband called later that evening, they told him we fell in the middle of a billing cycle. Which they socked us for back in Aug 09 for the same reasoning.

We have since canceeled the Tv and went another direction. And yes Comcast, we now are happy!

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