Tigard, Oregon
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I am pissed that Ch. 9 WGNA (WGN) is no longer authorized.

They took it away! We only got 10+ channels, and now it's gone. Just like they took away HALMRK. Comcast sucks!

I hate Comcast. I'm going to dish! I am mad! I am Mad!

I am Mad! Comcast sucks! They are trying to to eliminate the cheap service for the people who have no money. Bad for senior's who can't afford to pay $100 to dump on 100 channels with nothing on.

We get 10 channels and they take one away. Greedy bastards! I hate comcast.

I have to find another way. I am going to cancel my service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I've been on Comcast since 1988; 28 yrs.I'm paying $250.00 a month for digital and no premium channels. Now they are taking 09 away.

They are trying to force nme on contract.

Isn't 28 yrs loyalty enough?

I'm gone I hope everyone else goes to. Enough is enough!


It's strange. I have the channel sometimes.

I didn't know they took it away. I'm hoping to leave comcast, but I don't know if there's a good Internet provider out there.


I like the movies that WGNA was showing and Salem! Comcast sucks.

I thought it was my box, but after powercycling it, no hope. I used to live in Cox area and I miss it dearly. Better boxes (my box could be set so it skips channels that I didn't get and my cat could live on top of it and the box worked just perfectly.), better customer service from the inside reps and techs. DirectTV was ok.

I could finally watch my Dolphins games, the NFL channels was included in the package.

Dish was fair. Way too many religious channels for me though.


I agree. I technically pay $80 for basic cable.

And this is one of the 4 channels I actually watch (good reruns).

What the heck, Comcast. Just because you have the monopoly on cable in Portland doesn't mean you've the right to comport yourself the way you do.


I so agree they are greedy and they're getting worse I am switching too


What they told me was that WGNA went DIG! I told him that dose'nt matter that my TV was set up for that and the little box they gave us did to he said the same thing allover again! Going to call WGNA and tell them the LIE Comcast is claiming