I switch a comcast "promotion" for $29.99 for 60mbps which it was ok but not fast. to a new one that they practically forced me into a for more money for $55 for "150mbps".

Which I thought was going to be faster than the one I had but of course not. This so called promotion for $55 for 150mbps is as slow as the basic internet they offer for $45.99 for 25mbps, it is incredible how they lie about getting a faster internet for their already overpriced internet.

It is a hassle to call and try to have an explanation because the agents will transfer you over and over again until you go crazy with the psychotic music they play while you wait for EVER for a competent agent that never really get to the phone. Average time waiting 1 hour, average time explaining everything all over again to a new agent in the same call 1hour and 20 minutes.

Result = same slow internet at a ridiculous price. The worst customer service and product

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Store Location: Boca Raton, Florida

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