I went on Nov 20th and paid 200.00 down on my bill and comcast promised to leave my service on until I could pay the balance 1 week later. The customer service rep sent an e-mail to the supervisor to confirm.

3 days later, they cut off my service and when I called I was told no payment agreement was documented. This is the 2nd time Comcast has done this. They say whatever to get you to pay and then turn off your service anyway. They lie to your face to get you to pay and do what they want and when you complain, they act like it is your fault.

Comcast needs a serious policy change.

Unfortunately, they are the only service in my area and there is nothing I can do about it.

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Yep, they need to offer some

Kind of payment plan. Verizon is like the Comcast for cell service and they even offer a plan.

Life happens and people lose jobs or have bad months.

If a company will work with you, they'll have you for life. Even paying $50-$100 more each month till caught up will gaurentee them their money.


I know I'm using frontier internet and it sucks it keeps cutting off got to keep reseating the modern it works for awhile then off it goes again. I called Comcast to get internet they told me I owe money from 10 years ago and I know I payed it. I've moved and can't keep track of everything but it's been 10 years


Comcast don't wait no 55 days before turning u off, what world u live in, u must get payed pretty good by them, for u to say how good they r. Comcast does suck, their customer service sucks.

It took me two months to get hooked up, cuz of their mistake, and the tech. was four hours late getting to my house. They didn't even *** the 20 dollars that they say they will give u for being late.

I can go on and on but not going to waste anymore of my time. COMCAST SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm done with Comcast as well. They lie about how much things are when they sign you and then your bill is always a different story. Customer service is a joke nobody knows what their doing and they pass the buck.


the problem with comcast is, they bill a month in advance before services are rendered. They can suspend survices and bill for services befor rendered.

they expect you to pay for serviced that have not been receiced example. Billing period for services of say 5-4 if paid by 4-25, but the billing period is for 4-8 to 5-8 and you still have to pay even if services are suspended 5-4 and no servise is provided from 5-4 to 5-8.


bill was supp[osed to be 63.93 never has been. always over 70.00, took 6 months to get the bill to 70.00 voice messaging never worked properly been calling since june 18th still not working...they tried to charge me with tech. laying a phone line, not.....overall comcast sucks now thay want to raise the cost to 79,99 and no one can tell me the total cost including taxes : :upset


Agreed Pay Ur Bill. Comcast does not offer a payment plan.

You pay your delinquent amount to stay out of hard disco, or terminated services, but you are still in soft disco status, thus having limited service. If you owe them, you pay them. Quit *** because you are too lazy to pay your bill.

Why do people think cable is a right and not a luxury? Idiots.


Unfortunately COMCASt is going to vanish from the face of this earth. Simply because they will not be able to afford to update their services with DIGITAL and HIGH DEFINITION for lower prices than DIRECTV.

Today COMCAST charges the following: 1- 13.45 per television set that orders High Definition.

^.50 rental of a converter box to get digital, per TV. COMCAST SUCKS


how about just paying your bill on time in full every month? Comcast does not suspend service until 55 days past the due date.

If your service gets interupted thats your own fault. for the record, "comcast does not do payment plans!!!!"