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Update by user Apr 06, 2012

Not being able to find satisfaction with comcast (call 10 times with THE SAME QUESTION, get 10 DIFFERENT answers), we closed our TV account and bought Dish Network services. So far, so good.

We\'re happy with more choices for less money, and I am diligently exploring possibilities to switch our internet service from comcast to someone else. Problem is, the sellout *** in the city council of Pueblo must have given monopoly on broadband to comcast. I wonder who got paid and how much.

Still, I will keep looking. I want to get AWAY from comcast, as soon as possible, and as far away as possible.

Original review posted by user Mar 06, 2012

Unable to fit latest comcast price increase into my budget, I called to see what options could they have to lower my monthly bill. I was lied into a 2 year contract, under following conditions: $80/month for first 12 months, and $100 for the remaining 12 months; and NO changes in the channel lineup.

Today to our dismay, we discovered that the channels we watched the most before they "bundled" our tv and internet services, simply vanished. I called comcast, and was told that the $80/month is true only for 6, AND NOT 12 months, and the channels that went missing - we were never supposed to receive them anyway. Yes, but we can PURCHASE them now, for only additional $10/month.

What a bunch of *** *** liars. We are going to ditch their services as soon as I find a passable replacement.

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