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6 workers at comcast gave us the run around lied to me and said they were a supervisor they put in a date I did not agree on gunna charge me for indivudal things and said ii had 2 pay for a guy to climb my pole n come in house to see it works my motiom when its new equipment n charge me and last call was told a manger was going to call back never did said I have to pay deposit of 150 to come out n was told forget that its more then that 200 bill was payed 440 w a credit of 30 dollars now I have 2 pay 200 b4 they come the bilittled me n man n talked to me like a retarded who do u complain to n these people wnt let u talk to a higher up I was done very wrong gunna report to credit bueau or someone soon if its not fixed asap!

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Well if you talked anything like you spell I would have talked to you like you were retarded too. Someone went up your pole and you had a manger...That's what jesus was put in.

doo u has mi sing t eth too. You write like mike tyson would talk

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