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On the last day of my billing cycle March 4 I decided to cut back to just internet. The rep sold me a package of standard, 13 channels, tv and internet for $88.00.

Next bill comes and its $190.00! Turns out he ADDED anotgwr internet sercixe to my existing service, charges me for a telephone modem, and raised the tv box rentals. I called again, bill supposedly adjusted. Next cycle, NOPE.

So I call again and take the TV off. Told i have to return equipment, no problem. Told bill will be adjusted. After the call internet goes out.

THE REPRESENTATIVE OUT OF SPITE DISCONNECTED MY SERVICE!!!!!!! Calles again amd in 2 hours had internet back on. Told the adjustment went through. Got new bill, NOW it's $150.00 more then it should and the adjustment was a measly $8.00.

Yes eight dollars. Done disconnected, looking to see if any class action lawsuits are opened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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This whole comment is bs and you know it. First of all agents can't raise the price of your equipment, that is an automatic charge and second of all we can't shut down your service as much as we would like to simetimes