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Update by user Feb 21, 2016

Now they claim it's the FCC fault for raising the fees!

Original review posted by user Jan 21, 2016

Changed to the X1 platform that they said was the best thing since sliced bread and wouldn't have anymore problems with their service! It has been nothing but problems.

The DVR and Modem has been replaced several times,but still have problems with them. They billed me for high speed internet for over 9 months, but only received regular internet because their service people didn't set it right. During all this they keep raising the bill! They sold me a 2 year contract that would freeze the price for 2 years in April, which was a total LIE!

Another Modem and guess what it wasn't set right either so more problems with the internet and all I get is they are sorry. This past month they raised the bill again and told me they can raise it all they want. The 2 year contract only covers the basic charge, not the equipment charges, taxes, or their pure profit fees ( $4.50 a month for broadcast fees and $3.50 sports fee). I don't have any sports package and I can get the local channels over the air for free!

If I had been told this I would have NEVER agreed to the 2 year contract which only binds me to a one sided agreement! If I cancel or downgrade I get penalized, but they are free to continue screwing me over! The biggest bunch of Liars and Thieves and the worst customer service ever.

Always 1 hour or more everytime you call with a problem and they think they are great. They should be paying me for all the wasted time they cause by their inept people!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Comcast Pros: Internet speed, When it works right.

Comcast Cons: Lies about pricing, Online representives follow throgh, Bait and switch tactics.

  • Deplorable service
  • Billing Complaint
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I woudl recommend getting your own cable modem. I have the Motorola SB6141.

It's DOCSIS 3.0 343 speed gigabit. Motorola has updated these for 2016. They have versions with higher speeds, and, 1 with a built in wifi router.

I also have there monthly house service that I used a few times that saved alot.

I need to cancel that.

I exhcnaged the setyop box for a cablecard that I use in a 4-tuner Centon card that I run on a Win7 Media Center desktop. I stream over my network to an XBOX360 as a media extender to my 60" led tv. I also added 1 4tb WD Purple drive to use for the recordings on the Desktop.

Nice setup, and very reliable. As reliable as the Comcast cable TV service.


Comcrust is expanding there service when their infrastructure cannot support it. It shoudl be a crime!


Should be a crime for their one-sided contracts where they can keep screwing you!!!


Their contract is a joke! It's not really a contract it's so one-sided.

They can increase prices at any time, impose fees & penalties...

I refuse to have them in my house. I own my own equipment, settop box, cable modem...