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I can now sympathize with East coast Comcast customers. You'd think by now that a company who specializes in HD content delivery would have the necessary technical resources to support their customer base.

Don't even bother asking Comcast how to integrate the new Cisco RNG200 DVR into a home theater system or where you can find wiring/connection diagrams on their web site, its only available on the Comcast intranet for customer service associates who are unable to forward the information via email to the customers requesting it.

Instead you have to complain and have your case escalated to a supervisor. Since they are all busy and unable to respond within 45 minutes of the request you can see its an exercise in futility.

Maybe the answer is to organize a billing boycott Just enough of an interruption in their routine cash flow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

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I wish everyone would quit Comcast all at once. Massive money hungry companies like this one should not be in business.

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