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Dated: September 9, 2014

RE: Lengthy and Unresolved Issues of Comcast's Over Billing of my new Triple Play Bundled packaged deal/promotion for $84.99 agreed upon back on June 2, 2014.

Attention-C/O: Michael Yovanovich, Erica and any, or all, Authorized Comcast Management Personnel.

I am now having to address my concerns, issues, and problems, that relate far back as June 2, 2014, when I first placed a phone call to comcast (1-800-934-6489) to find out and determine the cause(s) of my changes in billing from $54.29/month to $79.46/month(billing date 05/20/2014). On 06/12/2014 I called and first talked to a “Renz”, from the Philippines, then a “Munide” and also to “Erma”. I was told that my current TV & Internet (Double Play) program offer had expired and I need to either pay the new fees or obtain a new offer/deal that was available. I was offered a “Triple-Play” offer for $84.99. I told Renz I had not had to pay for my new/recent updated converter boxes/equipment, that I currently had, and that I was not and did not want to pay for any new converter boxes/equipment. Erma then told me she wasn't able/authorized to give or provide me with discounts or reductions, so she then connected me with Darrell, in the customer Loyalty Department.

Darrel, from the customer Loyalty Department, told me that in order to get my equipment without fees he would have to “give me a reduction, or ; and then after 6-months I could call back and get an additional “ discount of $10.00/month for 6 months”!!! I never receive his/that discount.

Then, on 06/12/2014 @ 2:40PM, called Comcast again, 1-800-934-6489, trying to get my phone line connected, and working, as I had received my Arris TM22G Internet/voice modem and I was told by calling the Comcast technicians could connect and get my phone working. I first talked to a Catherine in the Porting Department ( 877-397-9734). Catherine told me that I had to call and talk to the 'Telephone Coding Services' people which was a recorded message and set of instructions to get my old phone number changed from AT&T services, over to ,and converted to my new Comcast phone service. She also told me that my current or existing phone number was 530-809-1865.

I had some questions about the setup and needed to call back, but in the process Erica answered the call @ approximately 3:00PM, and she introduced herself, and told me that she saw my vast list of problems and as a Senior Comcast employee that had word in many departments including the Loyalty Dept., in the technicians dept. and now she was in the Sales Department. She told me that, “I will give you free installation as it was an available deal/offer that day, along with my getting an upgrade to the new X-1 program, that was offered and all for the same price of $84.99 per month service fee(s). I told her about the $10.00/month discount that Darrell gave me back on June 2, 2014 and she told me she/they would also apply that discount as well.

Well I still am getting billed for an extra undisclosed, and UN-agreed to and additional Fees of $10.00/month for some “HD Technology Fee” each month!!! This is wrong and I consider it to be a form of “Bait-and-Switch” [the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.], scamming, Deception and or even fraud.

To expound and illuminate the vast problems and concerns of “Comcast Customers” you only need to go to the Web (

In a statement, Comcast said it is making progress in addressing customer concerns, but knows it has work to do.

Comcast has as many as 400 million phone and in-person interactions with customers each year, according to the company. There's no way to tell how many of these contacts end in frustration for the customer. But the anecdotal evidence that Comcast routinely disappoints the people who pay for its service is overwhelming.

Consumer review websites and, of course, Twitter, are chock-a-block with scathing, expletive-laden tirades leveled against the company.

"You are seriously everything that is wrong with the world," a Seattle woman with the handle Kate J. wrote in October on the review site Yelp. "I am 100% sure you are run by Satan himself. I feel confident that you are responsible for cancer, homelessness, war, suicide, 9/11, and every darkness in the world."

I have repeatedly talked, and went down personally to the local Comcast office here in Chico, CA. @ 427 Eaton Road 95973, and Talked with a Christopher and also to the/his Assistant Store Manager Michael Yovanovich(@ 530-332-5955), and to this date, I have yet to get or have gotten a single viable or reasonable results to my concerns. Comcast has yet to produce any viable “evidence”, recordings, documentation, or results to disprove my claims to my original, and only, agreement to the $84.99/month total fees/month for 12 months. Comcast has also and “yet” even give me a single contact by phone by “anyone who can, and will be able to resolve my ongoing issues & conflicts” with my “wrongful billings”, and/or to be able disprove my “original agreement” that was in agreement to “the $84.99/month service fees for my current 1 year or 12 months Deal Offer, that I received back on June 2, 2014 from Darrell in Comcast Customer Loyalty Department” and to my/our agreement made by and in which I also made with Erica back on 06/12/2012 @ 3:00PM!

If all this is not bad enough, this month I was charged/billed for $4.99 rental fees for a movie called Divergent, in which I ONLY viewed as the/a “Trailer”, just to see if it was even worth seeing in the first place. What kind of company is constantly and consistently allowed to get away with this kind of corruption, and receive NO corrective actions or compensation for “Their Wrongful Action, Doings & Billing Practices”, I ask you?

So now I have to ask, What is it Going to take, after three months of no results, to get this wrongful billing resolved, TODAY!


Douglas E.C., a Loyal Comcast Customer Since 1987, ya think!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Package.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $185.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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