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To whom it may concern:

Hello, my name is Kacey Patterson, I live in Reston Va. I am writing in regards to a very serious health exigency that has occurred to me in relations to your “new 5G “that now has been activated without any public acknowledgement.

Again this is a very frivolous situation, that I am now in! Below is a detailed account of events to explain this horrible situation.

On July 24th at 0630, I had awaken and started my everyday routine, nothing different, everything the same; except, I noticed my internet wasn’t working. I rebooted my modem and it still didn’t work. I waited a few minutes, approximately 5 minutes, and tried to reboot it yet again; again nothing.

I continued to go about my normal routine. Approximately 0830, my Wife was in our bedroom and I asked her if she had internet, she said “no I don’t “, so I called Xfinity 1-800 customer service and got an automated recording that said “Due to the phone number you are calling us from, you live at…. listed my address and internet in your area is down and will be back on today “. I gave my wife the news and sat down in my living room, where the “modem “is.

Approximately 10:00, I felt this extreme rush of energy, through my chest, up through my throat and into my face; then I started to get very nauseous, light headed and dizzy; various muscles in my body started experiencing spasms, very strong spasms! Within seconds of all these symptoms, my wife, calls out from the bedroom “Internet is back on “, being myself educated in Cyber technology and networking, I instantly looked at my modem and noticed something very different; the “5G indicator” was now flashing. I knew right then what had just occurred. My abnormalcy had worsened by the minute, getting to the point of passing out, I immediately unplugged the modem and right away my symptoms had lessened but not completely gone away, but did lessen.

Now knowing what was causing my extreme condition, I moved further away from my living room, to my back bedroom; now…. most of all my symptoms were gone. I returned to my living room to test my theory of what just occurred: I repowered the modem, sat down on my couch in front of it, and closed my eyes and told my wife “I will tell you when or if I feel anything “, the modem performed its ritual, I sat with my eyes closed, then…. All the same extreme symptoms hit me again and I shouted “it’s on”, and she said “yes it is “.

I had to disconnect my modem and spend the rest of the day in my bedroom, the EMF’s from outside, were so strong, they were consuming my whole house, except my bedroom, which, I could still feel it and still suffered from the EMF’s, but the impact was not as strong in my bedroom. Hours later me and my wife and a friend had decided to go out to lunch. The second I stepped into our parking lot outside… I instantly got extremely sick, nauseous, light headed, with dizziness and my skin felt like it was tingling, I told my wife “let’s go on to the restaurant, maybe getting out of the area would help”; to my surprise, I walked into the restaurant and my symptoms exceedingly got worse, to the point of losing consciousness! In curiosity, I looked around the room I was in, and found I was setting between two routers in the restaurant.

I had to rush home and go straight back to my bedroom, where my wife and I spent the rest of the day, freeking out about our new abhorrent situation. July 25th, I tried going to a different county, to a friend’s house to get relief, 5G there as well. I had to rush back home, back to my bedroom. July 26th, I am still in my bedroom, can’t function, can’t leave my bedroom due to my new disability, and has given me the inability to even be able to function!

I know by sending this letter to you, isn’t going to change a thing, but, there is now a certified complaint on record.

My life has been effected to the utmost worst probable way and my health is at extreme, very high risk! I have done a great amount of research and find, that the rate in which I am being immensely affected by EMF toxicity, has a detrimental impact on my health and function ability.

I will be seeking help in many and various departments and will be exploring all avenues above and beyond this complaint to get help. This is not a routine complaint: I am fighting for my LIFE!


Kacey Patterson

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You might wish to file a complaint with the FCC as they regulate this stuff. Also, do some research online and find sites discussing 5G and it's potential problems, solutions, etc. There are many such sites warning consumers about this and what you can do about it.