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We recently "upgraded" to a new Comcast service which would give us cable and internet for $49. I specifically asked if their would be charges for the self install kit and they said no. It took 2 over 2 weeks to find out where the install kit was and why I haven't received it yet. One of the support people told me to pick one up at the service center, I tried and there was over an hour wait. When the box finally came I got 2 of them, I only ordered 1. To make the late boxes even better, neither of them worked. Tech support did the usual " can you turn it off then back on again" routine 5 or 6 times before they decided the boxes didn't work. So back to the support center I went, at least this wait was only 25-30 min. If the whole box debacle wasn't frustrating enough I was in fact charged for a self install kit and an internet self install kit which I never even ordered. When I called customer service they just told me there's no record of the first guy telling me there was no charge for the self install kit and there's nothing they could do about the charges but can comp me 3 months of a movie channel.

A few weeks later we received another bill for $90. Turns out they charged us again for several install kits that were never ordered. In the middle of a phone war trying to figure this out and not getting answers we passed the bill due and got a bill for $159 with a past due balance. This newest bill had MORE self install kits added to it.

Another adventure in customer support land almost had no resolution besides "there's nothing we can do besides comp you a free movie channel for your trouble." We told them no and demanded a manager. After a 2 min hold she was magically able to take all of the bs charges off our bill.

It seems that Comcast's MO is to overcharge people and then when they complain offer them 3 months of hbo instead of taking the charges off. It can't be a coincidence that it's happened several times with the excuse "there's nothing I can do" until we demanded a manager.

As of now our bill SHOULD be correct, so we only lost a lot of time and energy but we will wait to see next months to make a final judgement.

Pay attention to your bill and stand up to yourself or Comcast WILL rip you off. Always demand a manager.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Why stay with a company like that? Have you thought about other tv providers?

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