Boston, Massachusetts

It amazes me that Comcast has no regard for customer satisfaction. My cable Tv service has been out, so I made a service appointment and of course no one would come out for 24 hrs.

I informed them that I troubleshot the issue, as an engineer, and the issue was outside with no signal entering the house. I told them I would not be home to wait for them, but worked only 1 mile away. They showed up at the house, but didn't check out the complaint because no one was home and didn't bother leave a note or place a phone call. After placing another call to their center, I receive a person who refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor or a manager.

After placing an additional call back, I was told they would not send someone out unless someone was home regardless of were the issue was. How does a company expect people to take unpaid time off from work for their lack of service.

They certainly have no issue raising prices without added benefit or notice. The state legislature needs to bring back competition to keep monopolies like Comcast in check.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Littleton, Massachusetts, United States #63123

HAHAHAHAHA! of course you need to be at home, so the technician will be able to check if he has fixed the cable service...

:p what were you thingking??

if you are not available on weekdays, you should have requested for another day where you are off form work...dumb-dumb... engineer huh?


If you are an engineer that is great. If you are so savvy in cable issues, why don't you fix it yourself?

Yes the tech will need you to be home smarty. For instance, if the tech comes to your home and sees something wrong outside and fixes it, how is the tech going to know that all is well inside if you are not there to let him know. Wouldnt that cause another tech to have to come out if you get home and its still not working? Which will cause the company even more money.


You have to be home do-do head!! LOL.(but youre an engineer..of what..stupidity?)


Question??? why are u taking time off from work for a cable issue? That is plain ridiculous!!


I had an appt yesterday between 11:00 - 2:00, took the afternoon off of work to wait for them and they never showed, never called, nothing.... When I called to find out what was going on at 3:00 - I was told they were on the way - which was a lie.

Cable is still out and I cannot take another day off of work to wait for them. I think I'm going to try AT&T Uverse.

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