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Comcast sent me a check reimbursing me for the amount I had paid in excess of my bill, along with a statement that I owed nothing. However, I never received any additional word regarding my personal modem I accidently sent them & no calls have been returned regarding that. So, I'd say I was left feeling neutral - they have my personal property that I'll never see again but at least I don't have to deal with them again either.

Original review posted by user Sep 27, 2013

At the end of May 2013, I was planning to move. At that time I contact Comcast because I was going to transfer my service to my new location.

However, I found out they did not offer services in my new location. I set up a date/time to have them pick up their equipment and cancelled services. Yet, the equipment was never picked up. I then moved.

In mid-June I received a call from a service guy stating he wanted to set up a date/time to get the equipment. However, when I told him my new address, he said he couldn't pick it up because I lived to far away. He stated someone else would have to contact me and help me. At the end of June I received a final bill from Comcast stating they owe me about $23.

Then a few months go by and life happens so Comcast isn't the center of my attention. Then on September 19, 2013 I received a bill from Comcast stating that I owe them $77 -WHAT?! When I call their automated system, it still says they owe me $23 so I search out to speak to a real person. After the run-around and talking to 3 people, I'm asked if she (the lady I was speaking to) can call me back.

I give her my phone number - but guess what, no returned call! So, the next day I call again, go through the same run-around. They can't send someone to pick up the equipment because I'm too far away, they won't send me a pre-paid shipping box to return the equipment because I'm no longer a customer, all they can offer is for me to mail them the equipment along with a letter. I mail the equipment like they said - but somehow that's not enough either.

It appears I put the wrong modem in the box and returned my personal modem instead of theirs. After a disgruntled phone call, I *** the bullet and drive the 1 1/2 hours to the drop-off location to pick up my personal modem and drop off theirs. However, the guy I spoke with the day before is not and no one there is able to help me. Although the supervisor admits he is aware of what I was speaking about, they don't know where he put my modem or the other equipment I put in the box.

They then continue to tell me that the modem I have to return to them has already been checked in with the system - impossible because they never had it! Yet, they tell me that I'm still missing an adapter - stating I had been sent 2 in the mail. I only have 1 TV, why would I need 2 adapters...makes no sense! I told them I have nothing left of theirs, yet they still have my personal modem, and they are insisting I still owe them equipment or $77.

They insist the equipment I did return (a modem, an adapter, and the remote) were all checked in previously...but that makes no sense because if it was checked in then how did I still have it in my possession? I ask if someone could've 'checked in' the wrong equipment. "oh, I don't know" is the response. I'm given a receipt for the equipment I returned (which in their system I didn't even have anymore) and told the Supervisor will call me after he talks to the employee who originally received my box and then he'll send me my personal modem.

I then drive 1 1/2 hours back home feeling defeated and like I got no where with Comcast. They have the worst customer service caused by disempowered employees who are taught to follow a script rather than to use their brains and think critically about a situation. I shouldn't have to pay Comcast for their equipment mistakes...I just want them to leave me alone!

Instead, what do they do - report me to a credit collection agency days after I receive the notice about oweing them any money...that's right on September 23, 2013 I received a statement in the mail that I had been reported to a credit collection agency...just 4 days after I received the statement from Comcast. I WILL NEVER USE THEIR SERVICE AGAIN...I'D RATHER HAVE NOT TV OR INTERNET THAN DEAL WITH THIS HARASSMENT AND STUPIDITY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $77.

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Learn to write...

to Anonymous #722797

Excuse me? I apologize that I wrote the above statement while in a heated, emotional state and didn't proof-read it prior to posting.

However, my story and concerns are still legitimate and all you can say is - "Learn to write..."

Do you honestly think you're helping the situation? Do you think your comment is truly constructive?

I hope you are never put into the situation I have been in because it sounds like you have no empathy for a fellow human being. Perhaps the next time you leave a comment for someone, you can be a little more constructive or empathetic - how about you 'learn to write'!

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