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Just another day in contests monopoly as they can have outages and still control the industry. I feel like we live in Iran when it comes to contest.

What a terrible organization constantly making promises they can’t deliver on service outages at homes and businesses. If small businesses operate it this way we would all be out of business

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have literally been forced to use this company since 2006 one with things since I am such a valued customer in their terms that I would be treated as such just the opposite their customer service is in the basement every year for good reason now they don’t even answer you you have to deal with the robot and you always have to pay whatever they say it’s called blackmail because they shut off your service if you don’t I’m not naïve but in my entire business career and I owned my own businesses I never in my life thought a company could get away with what it gets away with. The fact that they are monopoly is only the beginning they are one of the most corrupt companies in existence

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