Raleigh, North Carolina

February 12, 2012

Was specifically told I would not be charged for a customer service call, ( I even offered to make payment on my own via internet) and after I authorized a specified amount for payment Comcast takes it upon itself to add an additional amount to my check, which I did Not authorize. This should be Illegal.

Just because they are a large corporation they should not be give a pass to "scam" their customers, but should be held to the same standards as the general public. Anyone else would be breaking the law if they changed the authorized amount on a customer's check.

Researching alternatives to Comcast!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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While waiting for COMCAST to get the needed lines installed (there were not cable lines at my new home address) so they can transfer my service, they reported me to collection and then to the Credit Bureau.

COMCAST not only did not provide me with the service, but screwed up my credit. I have called about 45 time and talked to 30 customer services staff from the install department, customer service, collection department and 6 supervisors. I have documented several names, employee ids, manager ids and nobody has been able to assist me to first:

1. Complete the install for a specific name and then

2. To Remove the derogatory credit reporting to the credit bureaus.

Last manager I talked by the name of Michael, very, very rude. I was so frustrated and in tears, because the mortgage company has indicated with COMCAST reporting into the credit bureaus, my chances to get “the loan” to fit my budget has been blew away. He said to me: “I do not care to hear about your personal problems”. He was so dishonest. He said COMCAST delivered router to my house I he can see the Fedex receipt when the router was from my old house. When I finally proved to him I never received, but my equipment was also transfer, he did not apologized. He said he will get back to me in 10 days, this was 2 months ago. Everytime I call COMCAST, supervisor are busy and they don't call me back.

He was not only miss informed, but when he realized it, he did not apologized. I need help, please call me at 916-647-2894 or e-mail me back.


Comcast keeps trying to sell me xfinity...with all these complaints, NO WAY, they can go to ***

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