Owings Mills, Maryland
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Johm Darer RSP is a true *** artist and scammer to say the very least. He has been ripping people off at the Legal Broadcast Network and has attacked my associates at a Pennsylvania funding firm. He has been ripping people off for years with trying to convince them that he is an expert in the structured settlement field. He is known as receiving a well versed complaint on scam.com for ripping off a poor lady who misunderstood her medical malpractice case.

Prior to his latest victims he has been ripping clients off for years and was fired for his acts at MML investor services. According to somebody who knew him in college at Syracuse University said he used to cheat on his tests and was once caught sleeping with another male. Not that our corporation has anything against homosexuals and it's alright that John Darer is *** but conning innocent people and than trying to cover it up is just wrong.

Our owners and job creators will not "have to settle for a discounted payment of their own". John D. Darer ChFC CSSC should be known as a "settlement" consultant and registered sex offender as that would better describe him. You have been warned stay away. He is a very bad man.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Oh gosh this guy is such a scammer. I've read about this jon darer guy. What a *** like access funding.


Oh David, get a life