Southfield, Michigan

We've been stuck with Comcast for a while now, due to no other services. A while ago we found out we could "bundle" and save $40 a month.

They sent over a new modem, and upon activation the internet speed dropped 5Mbps, the upload speed less than 1Mbps, and the bandwidth was significantly reduced causing fatal connection issues when trying to have a PS3 sign on to the Playstation Network while another computer is online. When calling to get it resolved we are told that help will cost $14 a month. Aside from this issue, the internet speeds are less than acceptable.

The first day we ever got hooked up we were running 13+ Mbps, then it TANKED over the next few days to a few Mbps, until eventually we were at 1...ONE Mbps. I'll be on a crusade to get as many people off of Comcast as I can...I just hope a decent ISP shows up soon, before Comcast rapes the rest of this little town.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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