Here are a few letters I wrote which will explain. Mr. Snachez is out local TV help guy.

Mr. Sanchez,

I never thought I would be one to contact you, but what I have just gone through with Comcast is horrifying !! And I hope you get other complaints of the same nature to take this to the public and the people that make our laws! My voice alone won't work.

Comcast is a monopoly! I have no choice in cable TV and I need a choice in cable TV, because I have spent almost two weeks and numerous hours trying to undo what Comcast did to my 88 year old mother-in-law!!!

It looks like she was taken advantage of during a recent visit by Comcast to her house. She has a caregiver who called after a storm because the cable wasn't working. The caregiver scheduled an appointment and the technician told her she needed a new box. He went on to explain that ALL boxes would have to be switched out anyway because of a "new system", but they would have to schedule another appointment. At that first appointment the tech. broke a $650.00 glass sculpture and said Comcast would contact them to figure out what to do - it has not yet happened.

The second tech came out to replace the box and left. The next thing they knew, after hours of no incoming phone calls, was that the ATT phone number she has had for over 60 years had been "stolen" by Comcast and she was given a new number without any explanation or permission!! I have been traveling so trying to stay on top of this has been difficult. While I was gone I was informed by the caregiver that her internet had also disappeared.

When I heard about this the night after her number had disappeared, I spent hours on the phone trying to get her number back, which is connected to her doctors and home security.

I found an email address of someone at Comcast, so I wrote to him and continued to resend it until I heard from someone. After a few days I heard from Michael Riser, from Comcast’s Exe. offices in Michigan ( 734-254-1753 his direct line). Basically, all that Mr. Riser did was to call me everyday until the problem was resolved, which is an added issue… they (Comcast) couldn’t do anything to undo what they did, because ATT owned the number. But, then why could they mess with it in the first place??? After finally getting Att out to the house two different times- one for phone and one for internet - my mother-in-law has her number back.

I had to ask Mr. Riser for compensation for Att’s $99.00 repair charge and begrudgingly, again after I insisted, he agreed to give her a 20% discount for 6 months. All was never offered - I had to ask!!!!

When all lines were back to normal, Mr. Riser asked me if he could do anything else. I replied by requesting an answer to a question; “ How is it Comcast is not considered a monopoly”, he got rather agitated and said he could not answer that question. When I pushed to be transferred to someone that could answer that question, he basically told me we were done.

I just wonder how many other elderly clients or not so elderly clients have been treated the same??? Not everyone has the patience to go thru what I went thru for 2 weeks!

I also contacted Senator Jim Merritt ( State Senator from Indiana), who’s parents live next door to my mother-in-law. He was very sympathetic but could not help.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Mr. Block at Comcast…

From: Nancy V. Elder

Subject: !!!!!****For Comcast Corporation Audit Committee Chairman

Date: May 30, 2014 at 9:22:45 AM EDT

To: audit_committee_chairman@comcast.com

Cc: Senator.Merritt@iga.in.gov

To Mr. Arthur R. Block

Mr. Block,

I live in Indiana and have been a customer of your for over 20 years, as has my 87 year old mother-in-law. Recently her cable went out due to a storm. The technician who came to fix it said she needed to have a new box, but it would be free. They put in the new box and left. Without her knowledge, much less consent, her ATT telephone number that she has had for over 60 years was dropped and she was assigned a new number associated with Comcast. I have been on the phone ALL DAY trying to un-do what your employee did.!!! I have spoken to more people and explained this more times than I should have to!! I have been transferred to every department, miss directed several times, disconnected three times ( was called back once) was told by your employee that he ( Abner emp. ID # BP-acaya001) would call me back in 1 to 2 hours and never did. I also spoke with a supervisor, Guevara Rosquites, who couldn’t help me either. After waiting the almost 3 hours for the call, I spent another hour on the phone waiting for them to connect her line with original number - put on hold again for 30 minutes and disconnected with no call back!! I was not accepting the 3 to 5 days to reinstate her old phone number and was allowed to hold while they connected the line, which still hasn’t happened, then disconnected again!!!! Other names of people I spoke to; Raven, James and Andrea in activation department. Nobody offered me a “ticket #” or any real customer service!!! Honestly, I have spent more than 7 hours today on the phone!! THAT in itself is unacceptable!!! Also unacceptable is an 87 year old women having her phone number of 60 years dumped in the time it took to install a new cable box!!!

I also want to report that Abner, emp. ID # BP-acaya001 made an extremely unprofessional and inappropriate comment. When I asked to speak to a supervisor Abner told me “he” would be with me in a minute. While I was waiting and explaining the situation, Abner then said “she” referring to the supervisor. I questioned him and said, I thought you said “he” - who will I be talking to, a “he” or a “she”…. he replied with a slight giggle… “both, he is ***”!!! I was totally shocked and disturbed!!!! That is a call I hope was recorded!!!!

Since I got nowhere clicking on the “contact us” tab on your online website ( you should try it- a complete run-around, just like my phone conversations!!), please forward this letter to Tom Karinshak, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Comcast and Mr. Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast.

I am filing a complaint with the State via Senator Merritt and http://www.in.gov/iurc/files/IURC_-_Electronic_Complaint_Form.htm. Just for starters… I will also contact the news media about this letter.

Mrs. Elder’s account # is........ Please resolve this issue IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!

One angry customer,

Nancy V. Elder


This has been very disruptive of my life - not to mention my mother-in-law! Has anyone else made similar complaints??

Thank you for your time,

Nancy V. Elder


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