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I was given a free two months of Showtime and an apology, but they need to apologize to my credit union, as it was not my fault this happened.

Original review posted by user Sep 06, 2019

I went to the app to schedule a payment. I accidentally scheduled the wrong amount and was unable to correct it on the app, so I called to get assistance from a representative.

While on the phone with her, she said that she deleted one of the payments, but she didn’t, so I am now overdrawn. When I spoke to someone about it, she read to me what was entered into the account information, which was fine, but I told her only one payment should have been processed, not! both!

Thanks for leaving me overdrawn, Comcast! How blatantly irresponsible of you!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $280.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Comcast Pros: Internet and home security, When it works its good.

Comcast Cons: No excuse for cutting channels for the inflated price i pay now, Talking to someone who is in another country.

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If an additional cable bill amount causes your account to be overdrawn, you really need to examine your financial choices.


Thank you for your comment, but you know nothing of my financial situation, as I time my bills and my deposits, and I honestly have no interest in the input of someone who doesn’t even know me. Look for a troll forum, because this isn’t one. Unless you are a Comcast representative, this is really none of your concern anyway.


I am in complete agreement with you. I am in similar position, with a severely overdrawn bank account.

I had made a payment arrangement for my account. They had turned my service off, so on the day of the payment, I called to see when service would be back on. The representative informed me that there was no payment in the system. I questioned her and she continued to say the same, so I made another payment.

Services were immediately restored. Two days later both were posted to my account. I called immediacy and requested a refund. That was two weeks ago.

I have been promised a refund, was even given a "ticket number" and told it would take three days. No refund, instead it was credited to my account, which is no help, and my next bill, not due for two weeks was paid. The last time my son called Comcast he was told that they could not refund the money as it was credited to my account. That doesn't help my overdrawn checking account, and that I am out will over $300.

I called again today, and have been given a number that will verify that the overdraft was Comcast's fault, to give to the bank, so maybe I can get back some of the bank charges. I shall see.