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crapy services and not the worth the cost. I have had enough.

I know that there is multiple people in this region that has had enough of comcast as well. all the endless phone calls the tech's comming out. time on the phone and waiting tech. appointments

Adding to my contract and uping the amount on contract without my permission.

taking away channels that are on contract wanting more money for them to give us customers what they promised and we the people have no say even when it is time to review enough is enough and enough is enough. when my contract is up, I am done. I am a woman of my word why can't they be a company is of their word even on paper?

Check this, they usually can not find the problem does happens and when cause most the time is after hours. oh but the customer never knows cause we are the people and not lawyers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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You have to demand to talk to someone higher and keep going. I did this when they kept sending out idiots to do my service and after two weeks of persistent calls, I ended up with great service and almost 4 months free. NEVER GIVE UP.

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