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Update by user Aug 24, 2018

Comcast did contact me in this one, but their response is disappointing, they said the advertised speed is for direct wire connection, and not guaranteed for wireless... First of all, when I was signing up for internet service, the rep on the other end of the line never mentioned this so-called non-guaranteed speed for wireless connection.

Second, this is a bad business practice to market a product that's not guaranteed for wireless when everyone, everything is wireless right now. Laptops (newer ones) don't even have ethernet ports to do wired connections! They should state up front that advertised speed is for wired connections. Third, I've been dealing with sub-par speeds for months, like 50-70 mbps when I signed up for 250 mbps Blast Pro, spoke of this with Comcast rep who called me re this complaint (Megan), as stated above, the response is with wireless there are lots of factors that impacts speed, blah blah blah.

Never once did she even tried to compensate me for undelivered speed for these months (2-3 months). Fourth, when I first contacted Comcast about internet speed, I reached a technicians who said speed of 50-70 mpbs is not acceptable for Blast Pro (250 mbps), yet Megan told me thats expected, again based on several factors.

So here I'm getting different response from Comcast, depending on who you talked to. I eventually downgraded my service since I'm not getting my money's worth, if there are other options out there, I'd definitely switch over.

Original review posted by user Jul 23, 2018

Signed up for Blaster Pro, getting the 200+ Mbps speed. Then for the next 2 months, I randomly would do a speed test, and I'm getting 50-60 range in speed (June 9 -77.04, June 27-51.89, July 13- 77.86, July 23 - 51.49).

When I called Comcast, I was told the equipment is okay, my complaint is that why is it as a customer, you have to call to reset the speed back to normal. This is like the 4th time it happened. Seemed Comcast is cheating on customers for paying more for speed yet the speed is nowhere near advertised. Customers are paying for 24 hrs service speed, yet, this is not what was delivered.

In fact, I was initially paying $25 and when I don't get the advertised speed, technician came over and recommended adding another $5 each month to get 250mbps speed yet the speed would go down overtime, seems like you have to reboot modem every so often, which is not mentioned when you sign up. Cry Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Comcast Cons: Not as advertised internet speeds, Lying to customers about service problems, With all of their pricing policies it is very confusing, Inconsistency between reps.

Store Location: San Francisco, CA 94122, USA

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