Ferndale, Michigan

Comcast is the worst provider for internet in the WORLD. We have been using them for our business and got their "business class service" more like Garbage class service.

This internet connection goes down 3 out of the 5 days in the week one day we were down for 8+ hours and when you call in they tell you everything under the sun except the truth. I love how companies like Comcast can charge for a service they don't provide. We are getting rid of Crapcast and going to a T1 even though we don't need one it is the only way to get rid of Crapcast and their terriable service.

A word to the wise if you are thinking of running a business of Crapcast DON'T. Instead get a couple of tin cans with some string and I am sure that will be better than Crapcast and its free

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States #233560

I wrote the tooth fairy a letter, and she came to my house and licked my *** while paying me for it! But I don't know who she was, or what she looked like, or how to get a hold of her.

Harrisonville, New Jersey, United States #160812

I did a search online for the top head of comcast, wrote him a somewhat nasty email about the same thing. Next week 3 of their techs were at my home and finally fixed the problem.

They also researched the line from our home to the pole and found a worker did not install the new equipment correctly. Have had no problems since, but I don't know the name of the VP I emailed, but I did get results.

Tired of paying out good money for bad products. Time to fight back.

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