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See details below related to deceptive billing practices and how addressed with Comcast today:

It is currently 2:23pm and after 8 blind transfers/3 disconnects and speaking with 9 Comcast employees in various departments to include but not limited to: Billing, Internet Dept, XFinity Home, and Customer Security Assurance I am reaching out to senior leadership for resolution.

I have received and paid increased bills over the past six months due to overage data usage carry over from month to month. My background supports knowledge of information systems in management. After review of changes with overages I discovered my XFinity Home is continuously using data which ultimately contributes to overage use on my capped internet data plan from month to month that Comcast now charges $10/50GB in the Miss. area. I spoke with the loyalty department who assessed the account and provided me with a plan going forward which adds an additional 100 GB to my 300 GB plan. Her name was Sherie and she was very helpful and informative, yet had to refer me to the internet usage department when asked if Comcast could adjust fees assessed to July's bill for overages accumulating a total of 98.00. My data usage has ranged from 497 GB - 1200 GB over the past 6 months without explanation.

Upon being transferred to the internet usage department I explained my background and experience and asked how was it fair to pass overage fees to the consumer unknowingly aware or provided information as to how the XFinity Home product would affect usage. I would like to add, the XFinity Home product reflects usage of 100% internet data with a Cellular backup. Meaning it uses internet data continuously in which the consumers are being penalized for. I advised the representative that as an acting VP with management over an internet infrastructure at a widely recognized hospital, statistical reports are available with data usage metrics which should be able to provide me with data consumed by XFinity Home. I requested verification relating to data usage for XFinity Home usage and an adjustment applied to overages contributed to the service to avoid duplication of charges being passed to the consumer. She stated she agreed with my statements and agreed an adjustment should be provided due to data usage by XFinity Home (which the consumers pay 49.95) and consumers not being made aware of the increase in data usage. She stated she has received other calls similar to this. She spoke with a supervisor who stated she needed to contact XFinity Home for verification and discuss resolutions which could be provided. After holding 16 minutes (which is also using data on my Comcast phone service) she blinds transfers me to XFinity Home. I spoke with a representative at XFinity Home and provided another layer of the same conversation in which he replied they have a policy with Comcast in which Comcast is aware of data usage for the service and how the charges are passed to the consumer are beyond XFinity Home control. The call disconnected after he made this statement.

I called Comcast back in which I spoke with Jay Operator L98 in the Central Division based in Manila Philippines. I explained the complaint (at this point due to frustration) and advised I needed a permanent resolution for the concern which will reflect from month to month due to overages incurring due to XFinity Home and I requested data metrics for usage incurred with XFinity Home and products(Comcast phone) for accurate adjustments and review. He stated I needed to speak with Customer Security Assurance and states he would transfer me in which the phone call disconnects again.

I called Comcast again, in which I spoke with Mark Operator #CENC1Z in the Big South Division in which he states the concern will most likely need resolution at the corporate level due to advising of the blind transfers and disconnects without a permanent resolution. Mark stated he would attempt to obtain the answer to the data usage incurred due to XFinity Home and supply me with the answer to avoid further frustration on the consumer. After holding 12 minutes, Mark returns to the line to inform me he also has been transferred and disconnected with attempts to obtain answers to the overage usage due to Mark also stated he was advised by XFinity Home Support to speak with the Internet Service Department for an answer. He stated upon transferring to this department he was "being sent around and asked to hold with disconnects" and apologized for not be able to help further and suggested I escalate to corporate. I asked Mark could he transfer me to billing to discuss a onetime credit this month for the overage and I will escalate permanent resolution request at a corporate level. Mark transferred me to Stephanie at 2:49pm in the billing department. Again, I explained the situation and asked for data usage metrics as it relates to XFinity Home and was placed on hold with a disconnect occurring at 2:59pm.

I called and spoke with Dennis Operator CENMZJ Michigan Region in the Internet department and explained the situation and discussed a onetime credit with corporate resolution going further. Dennis explained due to my frustration he could only provide a $25 credit a day due to being in video repair department. I asked if he could provide this credit knowingly aware I am escalating this at a corporate level for additional credit and permanent resolution going forward. He spoke with a supervisor who advised him to transfer me to Internet Technical Support for proper credit and answers and stated he would remain on the call to ensure a disconnect does not occur during the discussions.

I am transferred to Vanessa operator number 206248 in Manila Philippines who states she works in the internet technical support department. Vanessa, prior to confirming account details, attempts to tell me this is normally a result of an unsecured network and I should change my password. My frustration level heightened and I then began to dissect the details of the entire account history with Vanessa. She then states I need to speak with the Billing department and to return a call on Monday due to the billing departments being closed on Saturday.(It is now Saturday evening now-I have been on the phone since 10:23am this morning. I should add utilizing my data on the Comcast phone for 60% of this unresolved issue). I challenged Vanessa's answer by stating I had spoken with the billing department several times today and was transferred to her by someone I was previously transferred to from the billing department. I asked Vanessa if she felt it best as a consumer to return a call to waste 6 hours again on a topic no one can provide an answer to. She then stated no and requested for me to allow her a few minutes to find a billing department which is opened. She placed me on hold and returned to the line stating she found a billing department opened and transferred me to Brina operator #1565207 in the West Palm Beach Florida Region.

Brina states due to the 10 blind transfers and 6 disconnects she will request a Supervisor call back to request the over the credit limit for the 98.00 and discuss the concern. The call back ticket is 023819905 which should result in a return call in 48 hours. During numerous hold times I have memorized Comcast hold lingo which states several times "Answers to questions anytime of the day." Comcast requires much in process improvement to reach the level of this false advertisement.

In addition it is now 4:09 CST and I am awaiting a technician to arrive for a scheduled 8am - noon service call made 3 weeks ago. He will now add additional cameras which I found out will also add to increased data with my own research.

***Addendum***Now my service call has been rescheduled to next week without notification from XFinity Home after cancelling appointments and staying home all day. I hope this communication reaches the following senior leaders due to speaking with all of their departments without resolutions:

Susan Jin Davis Senior Vice President, Strategic Services for Communications & Data Services

Dennis Mathew Vice President, New Businesses

Sharmila Ravi Vice President, Product Operations for Communications and Data

Robert Slinkard Senior Vice President, Product Management for Communications & Data Services

Daniel Carr Vice President, Sales Operations

Robert J. Lincavage Vice President, Technical Support

Lisa J. Panepinto Vice President, Performance Management

Shelby S. Royal Vice President, Employee Communications

Karen E. Schmidt Vice President, Enterprise Marketing for Comcast Business Services.

In closing:

1) Comcast provides a bundle package at a rate to include internet phone and cable- stay with me

2) Comcast advertised XFinity Home at a rate of 49.95

3) Comcast offers 300 GB included in the bundled package which is suffice for internet/cable/and phone

4) XFinity Home advertised by Comcast increases data usage exponentially (meaning by a huge amount) which exceeds the bundled package rate

5) Consumer is paying for a bundled package to Comcast/ an additional 49.95 for XFinity Home security/Comcast profit margin is increased to consumer by additional data fees charged to consumer which exceeds the allowed data in their plans

6) The Extreme package only includes 400 GB

7)My GB increased by 1200 GB with additional XFinity Home changes recently made with an XFinity Home tech visit

8) Consumer now pays 49.95 for XFinity Home and an additional $98.00 for the data the devices used for home monitoring) 9) Consumer is never notified of increase data usage due to product installation and does not provide plans to accommodate

I would like to review a statistical report which breakdowns the analytics of the data usage meter to include IP address to identify device utilization on my network. If the Comcast does not supply information in this magnitude, their is not enough evidence to substantiate charges affiliated with internet data usage billing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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