Monroe Township, New Jersey

 I signed up for cable Internet & phone service through comcast. I made an appointment for the 24th of September for installation between 8-12.

At 1 when noone showed up I called the representative John Bowker and said noone showed up for my appointment. He took my info and asked the time of the appointment. When I told him the time he called me a liar and said that's not the time slot he uses and that my appointment was for Monday. I was upset with his tone of voice & disrespect he showed me.

I asked if there was a supervisor I could speak with & he rudely said you called my direct line you need to call the 1-800 number. I asked what that number was and he said 1-800 comcast, you couldn't figure that out on your own? After that condescending remark I called the 1-800 number & filed a complaint against mr.Bowker and the company offered me an $89.99 credit on my account for 1st months service and from there we rescheduled the appointment for Monday. Come 3:00 on Monday our appointment was missed AGAIN!

I called comcast who apologized and wanted to reschedule for Tuesday. Upset, I said I'll reschedule but if a technician does not show up you can cancel my service. I asked for retribution for the 2nd missed appointment and was told they've already given me too much. Tuesday came and the appointment was from 12-5.

At 10:30 I received a call saying they were at my apartment. Early is better than not showing up at all but what were to happen if I wasn't home? Anyway, the technician installed my services and said my first bill would be in the mail for $139.99 and I could disregard it because of the credit to my account. I explained that the package we set up was for 89.99 a month & he told me to call comcast who honored the price difference which was the only decent thing they've done thus far.

Anyway the technician left and shortly after I went to use my phone.. No dial tone. So I used my cellphone and once again called comcast. We set up our 4th appointment for Friday 5-7.

At 5:30 when no tech showed up I called comcast as I was weary with all the appointments they've missed in the past. As the customer service rep was looking up my account she said a tech should be there shortly. I was on the phone with her when a tech added to my file that he showed up at my apartment at 5:53 and noone answered the doorbell. I said to the rep, it's 5:55, I've been on the phone with you since 5:30.

If he was here, you would have heard the bell. She agreed and said the tech lied about being at my house and I finally had proof! She transferred me to a supervisor who said the soonest they could get a tech out to fix my phone would be Saturday between 12-4. I said it's 6:00, my appointment is between 5-7.

You still have an hour to get someone over here to fix my phone. She replied that it was too late to send someone out but she would give me $20 for the missed appointment. I replied it's not about the money at this point, it's the principle. You can't treat people the way this company is treating me.

This is the 5th appointment I've had to make meaning 80% of all appointments scheduled have been missed. I'm furious and fed up and want my phone fixed now. She said there's nothing she can do besides report the tech for his lying and negligence. So we scheduled another appointment for Saturday, 12-4.

If they don't make this appointment, I'm done with the company. Ive been through *** and back since day 1 with this company.

From rude customer service, to 4 missed appointments, to lying technicians. I've never been more disrespected by anyone let alone a "business." 

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I had pretty much the same experience. I am going on my 5th try, and as od now, the tech is an hr.

Late from their 8to10am window. They act as if their time is more vakuable than yours. $20 does not cover all the time I have spent waiting. It is rediculius.

And this is to install cable and internet. I dont even have their service yet....I just recieved a callback statimg they will be there at 12pm! That is 2 hours late!

Again! Worst company ever.


Based on my own experiences in dealing with Comcast, they offer time slots for appointments just to pacify the customer while on the phone. In reality the so called " technician " will get there whenever they get there.

It is impossible to predict in advance how much time a Tech may have to spend on each service call. Some may take a few minutes and others more than an hour. If a technician is assigned 12 calls a day and each one takes an hour, obviously if you are towards the bottom of the list, they will never make it to your place that day.

I had 6 missed appointments, Comcast cancelled 4 appointments and never informed me that the appointments were cancelled. Yes, they offered and gave me credit on the bill for the missed appointments but that did not compensate for the time I had to put my own work aside waiting for them to show up.

I think Comcast and for that matter other similar companies are more interested in selling " Subscription Packages " ( thats where the money is ) than they are in making service calls ( which they loose money on most of the time ).

Buy a " Package Subscription " ? That is putting all of the eggs in one basket. It might be great as long as everything works but when there are problems or your service goes out of order you loose it all.

Remember, those " scheduled appointments " can be considered as a general guideline of a time slot but in reality, the " technician " will get there whenever they get there, if they get there at all on the scheduled day.