Comcast advised me to exchange my current modem for a new Arris.

No problem connecting and completing required form. However when I tried

to open an email attachment a screen popped up with the same form I already completed.

Completed form again and tried opening attachment. Same problem do I chatted on line. Was told the problem was fixed, tried to open attachment, form popped up again. This time I called, explained the problem and was told "everything checked out".

"If I couldn't open the attachment it was my computer".

No matter what I asked or said the response was.."it's your computer. Soooo, I called my son, he said, "Dad, reboot", and everything worked fine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Dallas, Scotland, United Kingdom #701816

YOUR modem was working fine. YOUR computer was not.

You were using an outdated browser, which is why this happened. GET OFF YOUR *** BUD OR I'LL KILL YOU AND YOUR *** FAMILY BUD

Newark, New Jersey, United States #701814

Then how is this a complaint for Comcast? It's a complaint for your computer.

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