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AWFUL experience with this company, and if they weren't already a huge monopoly here in Philly I would go somewhere else immediately. Took them three times to show up and install our cable and internet...either didn't show up or would claim "it was scheduled for another day".

I have a full time job that I can't miss, and coming home in the middle of the day to wait on the porch for the Comcast truck to drive by (which it never did) was torture. Complained to customer service, and after hearing them say "there was nothing they could do" over 20 times, they finally gave me a $14 discount.

For HOURS of work I had missed because of them I get a $14 discount. Can't wait to move out of Philly and employ ANY OTHER cable company.

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How can you even come close to calling Comcast a monopoly? HAHAHAHA, Let's see, without even researching I can tell you that DISH TV, and DirecTV both are available for TV.

There are probably 10-20 different phone providers in your area.....need anything else? Maybe some internet? Well AT&T & Verizon are likely in your area for internet, as well as Satellite dish internet being available everywhere.

You have failed.

You will continue to fail. endgame.

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