San Rafael, California
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Hate calling customer service. Never get anywhere.

The phone reps and "technicians" are inept. Over priced. Poor service. Billing errors.

HATE THIS COMPANY! So pissed off don't even have the energy to write about it. Jeez system says I have to write 100 words. When they went digital service went downhill: too much delay when switching channels, menu thing gets in way of screen when change channels, sound out of sync with picture, and now for past week text at top of screen (some sort of internal error from comcast) and of course they are too inept to fix.

they dont even know about it well not everyone has the patience to bother to call to report it.

especially when the reps cant even find my account and ive alrady given my social, phone, name, address, sick sick sick of it. and no i dont want to bother having a technician come ot my house when he'll be late, will be a contract worker pushed for speed not quality, won't speak english, wont know ***, sick sick sick of it

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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So disappointed with Comcast not living up to its policy "If not satisfied, can cancel within 30 days at no charge. Not true, I am fighting Comcast for charges alleged even though I did cancel before the 30-day period was up. They left me waiting on 3 scheduled service days for not failing to follow simple instructions for obtaining access to my secured apartment complex which was to simply call me upon arrival until I could have phone service installed to connect to electronic entrance box.

A lot of bogus charges once cable,etc. installed. Too much to pay for poor service and wasting my time waiting only for no shows, or not following instructions.

Also, it is a regular thing that Comcast reps deliberately withhold information from you that they later falsely attempt to charge you cost for; are very misleading, and are very dishonest in giving you correct feed

back on matters that can avoid you being charged unnecessarily or falsely. It is up to them to educate us about their rules & regulations, but they don't in order to come up with bogus costs.

Causing me much stress to have to contend with and dispute charges for which they have sent to collections.

Not this time! I will not be subject to the way these cable companies continue to get away with robbery because they feel that we will continue to settle and not take time to dispute to the end.

Let's stand and hold them accountable for unsatisfactory service and unfair charges for the unprofessional service that they provide.

Bottom line, they are going to attempt to get some money from you and will send your name to the credit bureau for you to have to stress behind fighting them to get removed.

Most of us just accept and pay.

Not this time.



once again if it is so bad then why dont you drop them. Like you review says aick sick sick how about you are dumb dumb dumb