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Update by user Sep 11, 2014

Comcast Corporate called me and fixed it all! Said it was their mistake!

It would just be nice if everyone would just slow down and listen to the original complaint and not drag it out 2 weeks.

Original review posted by user Sep 10, 2014

In 2009 I moved away from Comcast service area, so obviously didn't transfer, just shut it off. Paid and closed my bill 11/2009. Checked my credit (as I do often) Comcast placed a $89 bill in my name with a collection co., COMCAST collections is impossible to reach!!! I have been trying to 2 weeks! NOW, my fake $89 bill is with 2 separate collection companies!!! Credit Protection Associates & Eastern Account System ... they do not care what I say, they just want the $89! I would rather pay someone to not get Comcast then give them $1! I've spoken to a Senior Collections Coordinator, Nate Piase (sp) and he seems to have made the situation worse, because it was after I spoke to him that I got the call from the 2nd company! I'm in the process of buying a house & I have this *** $89 charge on my credit that SHOULDN'T BE THERE!!!!
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Comcast Service Transfer
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Poor customer service
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Get a hold of me, ASAP! Take care of these issues!!!!

Comcast Rapes their Customers and they could care less

In this Letter you will discover how I was Gang Raped by all of the Comcast Employees, one after the other after the other.. and how they continue to rape the rest of the world.... For the last few months I have been using the 14 day check hold so that i wont lose my service! Every month its always something with Comcast!.. the calls get dropped, your employees hang up on me.. I call back and I get transferred to only get hung up on AGAIN. Comcast is amazing about getting ppl who don't know anything about what they are talking about... I get ppl who don't want to be bothered or ppl who don't care to help. I have left at least 8 messages and NO ONE calls me back... Well Last week I made arrangement's to have 202.00 taken out of my account on July 7, 2014... Confirmation number 66825420 It took me 3 hours of my life to get to someone who wouldn't hang up, wouldn't transfer me back... in the mean while my family is needing me but I'm too occupied with Comcast... so I wasted 3 hours of my life dealing with Comcast. As the days went on everything seemed to be OK.. until last Tuesday when I got my kids up for school. The TV and internet and the phone was off.. I was wondering what was going on.. maybe weather.. Not too sure so I called. and I get a message telling me that I need to pay my past due and the service will be restored... WHAT THE *** IS GOING ON! I was very confused I had just spent 3 hours of my life making these arrangements as I do ever single month! But Comcast has issues and had messed me up.. Soooooooooooooooooo I wait on the phone while getting my kids ready for school.. I'm on hold for ever.. and after about 30 minutes I am asked to leave a message on the voice mail, as if Comcast is some random resident and you are going to call back.. Im not a dummy so I hung up and called back... to only hear to call another number and then the phone hangs up.. I went on and on.. while dropping my kids off at school.. I started a Comcast chat on my phone in order to talk to a human. because clearly Comcast doesn't have Humans working so i can never talk to anyone.. No one ever comes to the phone.. I chat and tell the person that I need help.. They tell me I have to pay my bill. I explain about that 14 day hold.. they say call a number, I call it and NO ONE ANSWERS again.. they tell me to call back later! SO now I'm pissed and I really want to blow Comcast to pieces but that's not going to happen... So I start looking on the internet on my phone with MY internet service to find another number to talk to someone.. I called a number in PA... she answered.. talked to me.. I told her what was happening.. but then she says okay I have taken your case and someone will call you back. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Do you know how it feels to go through all that, and you guys hire ppl who cant help? Have you guys ever thought about using Undercover boss? you really need to see the horrible training and service you guys have and how it effects us as clients. We are very un happy! I understand making money is more important then someone like me to be happy but usually companies play it off... SO now I'm pissed and I upset and no one cares. I have an arrangement but Comcast doesn't stick to their end of the deal... About an hour later a lady calls me.. I explain my problem and she listened... her name is Toni... it doesn't make up for the horrible treatment i get every month from Comcast but for once I had someone listen to me. I cried like a baby and she was so apologetic! I wish you had more like her in your company but you don't.. She fixes the problem and told me she didn't understand why that happen.. she said that everything was clear and she wasn't sure why that would even happen.. her I'm sorry were very heartfelt... I return home and everything is back on... 4 hours later I get a call from a women from Comcast..(Comcast is the DEVIL) she tells me it was a curiosity call and she is calling for me to pay the past due bill.... DIDN'T WE JUST GO THROUGH THIS??? wtf!!!! I stopped her and went on about the issues I had that day and that my payment was set up to be taken out on the 7th... Because I was so pissed she hung up and I haven't received a call again... Comcast cant even take the heat!!!!! I find it very funny because on the 7th the money was not removed from my account.. on the 8th it was still there.. but today it was finally taken..I personally feel I should have gotten a free month of service for all the trouble I have been going through with your company! I'm so frustrated with Comcast, Direct TV, AT&T.. all the cable places and all the Dish places You guys take customers as a JOKE.. you don't care about the time they put in to call your ridiculous answering services.. You dont care about about the high priced service. But I am suppose to just sit here and take it like i have no problem... When I call all of your many Numbers I cant get to a human to save my life and when i do I get an *** who doesn't know anything.. but you want me to recommend Comcast.. Did you know that your service is not all that.. Do you know what it feels like? If feel like I am being gang raped by your employees.. No one cares and I will never get a solution to the problem that Comcast caused! You would think someone would take a moment and say Im sorry! I would like to be compensated for my troubles... 6 months FREE of Cable, Internet and phone service... I deserve that for going through all this mess every month of my life....All because you hire cheap labor I will be looking for another cable company.. Maybe even invest in Hula! .. Im tired of being a *** to COMCAST Regards, Tiphanny Keyes
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Comcast Service Transfer