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My Mom and I went to Comcast yesterday. June 26th 2018. She took back her router. The lady started arguing with me & my Mom. Saying we were on a contract??? That we never signed?? When we asked her to make a copy of the contract she said only her supervisor can print...
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Comcast Customer Care

Comcast - Cable issues and service

Cable cut our wire to our house while doing the neighbors home. We called cable for hours and talked to several people outside of the United States. You can hardly understand these people and they cannot understand us also. At one point we were told to take in the modem,,,which we did. Well, that modem was bad. We were told service could not be till the following Tuesday at the earliest. It is Saturday! So we continued to call and finally after much discussion and and no taking their *** we had service set up for the next morning. It took a few hours but all is fixed and yes the line to the box was cut by the cable guy...why do we as customers have to deal with foreigners about cable. Can they not keep business in the U.S. ? It sucks. Always get the run around...nobody is responsible for good service. Yet cable jacks your bill up every chance they get. Get a customer service that is American...when we need to talk to a rep I would like to be able to understand them and they us. It is rediculous and even cheap on cables part. Your are a service in America to Americans so get American service reps. You sure take my American money so I would like to be happy with your service. And you should compensate people who have to deal with all the b.s. your company puts out.
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Comcast Customer Care
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Comcast - Customer Care Review from Indianapolis, Indiana

This company doesn't know it head from its ***! When ur company is 95% customer service, maybe u should hire people not from the *** Philippians or anywhere else for that fact! I want to be able to understand the person I am talking to and they should be able to understand me! I don't want to repeat myself 100 times to get NOWHERE!!! I have been trying to get new boxes for 2 months and a new modem. They sent me boxes, but who would be surprised, they were the wrong ones! And I have never yet once received my new modem! So here we r again, going into month 3 and still waiting! Then I told them they needed to compensate me, they said they were going to review it Bc they couldn't do anything yet since I haven't received my boxes.... How messed up! Word of wise, go with the other company if u can!!!
Comcast Customer Care

Comcast Customer Care Review

Ive been waiting for a call from corp office now for 3days keep getting emails saying someone will call u shortly well im waiting still to resolve my problem.they have liers and worthless people working about ready to go to a satalite company better service
Comcast Customer Care
So I called and made an appointment for trouble and was informed it would be three weeks. My girlfriend called the same time I did to get new service, and someone was there the same day. Once you are a customer, they could care less about you. I am not making a...
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I used to be a CAE at Lynnwood,WA Tech Repair call center. Comcast Cares Day is a joke. You had to use a vacation day to participate in the HARD PHYSICAL LABOR VOLUNTEER SER...

Comcast Customer Care