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Comcast is awful!

We had Direct TV but they were so bad, we decided to give Comcast a try. Big Mistake! How can they have trouble when it's stormy-aren't they underground? We didn't have any TV on Super Bowl Sunday with Direct TV and they suggested we get on the roof and clear out the snow from our dish. We didn't want to (we're old) but they said it was too dangerous for one of their technicians to do it. But it's OK for us?! So now, we have Comcast. The TV and Internet went out today. Do we get a refund? Of course not. We're completely at their mercy!
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Comcast Bundle
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Comcast in Merrillville, Indiana - Outright lied to

my girlfriend and i have had comcast for a couple of years. we had cable and internet and decided to upgrade our service to include phone and premium channels because we were told it would actually be cheaper. also we ordered guerrero fight for pay per view on hd. one hour before the fight i tuned in to watch the preliminary fights on the undercard however the channel would not show. an hour later and now into the fight the channel would still not show. we called several times but nothing worked. now livid and with a house full of guest i told my girlfriend to cancel the fight because i was not going to pay for half a fight and something we could not see in the 1st place. the operator who's name is richard and i.d is 1nm told us that we would be able to watch the fight in standard definition and that no charge would appear on our bill. when i received our latest bill the total charges where 399.21 which is 235.76 more than our original bill before we made the upgrade. not only were we told that our bill would be cheaper but it also included, you guessed it,the charge for the fight. when we contacted comcast we were told there was nothing they could do and we would have to pay the bill as stated. not only is this dishonest business practice but i had no choice but to cut off the service in order to pay this inflated bill. i will not be returning to comcast and urge all others to get all deals in writing before you make any deals as they will say one thing and execute another. unfair comcast unfair.
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Comcast Bundle


I was sold a bundle package by Troy in Retention at the comcast service center in Fishers, Indiana. Not only did I not receive it (the upgrade) when it was connected, I was charged a different price (a lot higher). To make matters worse, there is no accountability. The buck does not stop anywhere. I have tryed to get Troy in retention to return my call, to no avail. It is sad we now have to buy tv, and they have no customer service, even though every call says there is a comcast customer guarantee. I have asked a supervisor to review the call, as it states all calls are recorded. Ha!!! Guess what. Not. That is the story when you need it to be reviewed. So, there goes the safety net to prove what was discussed. Also, no emails can be sent to you email to confirm what was just agreed upon. This has all have proven to be very dicey. I would think this is about as crooked as any business can be run. IN the meantime, no TV. Hmmm, wonder how many others are dealing with this same situation!
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You can lower our rates for Comcast services by threatening to cancel; they don't like that. They'll "work with you" on pricing and servies if you want to drop them.

Try it, you be directed to the "Retention" dept where you'll speak with a rep who is able to lower your cost. If you don't like what you hear, call back and try again. As a former employee who managed in a Retention area, you will find a an agent who needs to "save" a customer to make their quota that you'll get a better deal. If need be, demand to speak to a Manager; they do everything thay can can to keep your business (I know, I was one of them).

Also, threaten to go to corporate, they hate that! A report is run monthly listing EVERYONE who spoke to the customer before they went to corporate. As a management person, you don't want your VP of Customer Service to see your name on this report often so you do what ever you can to satisfy the customer. Believe me it works like a miracle.

Pressure is all they understand. Customer service is only given lip service. All they care about is that yo make your monthly payment for as many high-priced services they can get you into. Delivering the services is another matter and when they jack-up prices or don't seliver the service you need to threaten to cancel and/or speak to supervisors, If that doesn't get you satisfaction, ask to speak to their Manager; that usually changes their thinking, Finally, go corporate on them and watch them change their tune about "what they can do for you".

If you "roll over" for them, they'll continue to take advantage of you.

Believe me, as someone who was on the other end trying to satisfy upset customers (with hands-tied in many instances by "ploicy") these tactics work big time! Try it and get what you want and deserve.

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Comcast Bundle