My billing was fine until comcast changed out our modem/router I have rented since day one being about 7 years I have been with comcast; March 2018 about after that about 2 months later I got a bill stating we went over our allowed usage of 1000 units. I thought it was probably just a one time deal so ignored it.

The next month same thing but more so and more money fined. Called comcast of course that proved useless. There is no way to prove how much you use and you cannot defend yourself. It made absolutely NO SENSE that we went over our allotted amount per month.

The year before there were 4 house members with 4 tvs, 2 gamers, just everything doubled and home all day for all of us then at the time of this increase...my household is now 2 people and no gamers and I went to work and was off the computer and tv 30 to 50% more than before. I was outraged by this!! Comcast was SO TOTALLY USELESS. I contacted the State Attorney Generals Office of consumer complaints with my information and bills everything I had.

Still it really did not help me. But after that my bill has not gone out of control again. There are too many areas that we the consumer have no control over the outcome of what we are paying for and no way to monitor it correctly for ourselves.

Daily we are being stolen from by this type of corporate small or large. I'm sick of it!!

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