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Every time I try to contact Comcast. it starts with with an automated phone severe nightmare! The automated system doesn't take my info, or the info is wrong. I have to go through a phone maze. If I can get to a rep, the night mare continues. The reps can't understand the nfo you give them, if they

can't get it they hang up! It is either forget getting the issue resolved ,

or go through the nightmare again!

If you can get a service apt, another customer service nightmare, be aware,

They don't care about your residence. They damage furniture, leave debris

for you to clean up. To get. damage repaired is another nightmare!

All Comcast does is take your info over and over and delivers little customer service. I have been a customer for yrs, under a property owners contact. I find very frustrating to give all info every time to reps who don't understand anything I say!

They just escalate the issue and nothing gets done. Information magically disappears and you are back to giving it again!

Comcast care little about its customers, just on making money!

Terrible company poor equipment!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Comcast Cons: Lack of customer service.

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