After three months os struggling to have Comcast fix my billing problem I received a delinquent

late bill. for three month now I have been trying to get these people to fix the problem with my on

line billing. It all started when Comcast changed their billing. It reverted back to an old address and my

x wife's billing .Now for three months I have been trying to get this billing prob taken care of by

many costumer service reps! Each time I was assured that the error was taken care of. On 1-6 10

I went over to the local Comcast office here in Rohnert Park Ca to exchange a faulty cable box and asked the

girl behind the counter if they had received my payment for the month of 1/1/10 she assured me that they received payment on 1/3/10 and told me that she had the exact same problem at her home. She told me that

they changed billing and many costumers had the same problems. Why cant these incompetent ***

take care of these problems in a timely manner.The girl that helped me was a real sweetheart.

I am at the point that they can take all their *** out of my house!!


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Is this Mr. Cable actually an employee of Comcast?

If Comcast allows this kind of a response to a customers it makes me think I am right about Comcast all along.


Please take our service out of your home. Since we are incompetent.

Why didn't you get the sweetheart in the office to help your dumb ***.

No you decided to run home, *** off and come on this site and type this ***...Leave us and go get dish. And then you will be begging to come back....

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