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We want to file a complaint about the technician who came to fix a phone modem problem at our home on Saturday, June 18th, btw. 5:41pm and 7:32pm and who identified himself as "Pat".

He came into the house, looked at the phone modem on the second floor and declared it "pre-historic" (it is a TM402P/110) and said he has a new one in his truck and he would change it. After spending another 5 minutes in the basement, he left and sat in this truck for the next 2 hours.

Then, he came back and said that "he could only handle small jobs and that this was too big of a job for him" and that he "referred it to "maintenance" but didn't know when they would respond.

When I asked him to change our "pre-historic" phone modem as he promised (since we still didn't have dial tone), he said he wouldn't without giving any reason and drove off abruptly (actually fled "the scene", while I was talking to our direct sales consultant, Paul Brackesy, on my cell phone).

This is a total display of incompetency and a waste of my time (as well as Comcast's time and money paid to this gentleman) . I am extremely dissatisfied and would like to file a complaint. I am waiting to hear from Comcast with a follow up on this unpleasant experience.

Background: We recently switched from RCN to Comcast and since then our phone has not been working properly. The technician mentioned above made the home visit today to fix the problem.

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I tried Comcast phone service and after 2 weeks of nothing but nonsense and missed calls I went back to the regular ( real ) phone company. Copper wire never sounded so good. I dont have a cell phone so I can not at all rely on Comcast for phone service.

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