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I have been dealing with this issue since March. I sold a place, and moved temporarily into my son's house. We hooked up phone service through Comcast, and used my number I have had for 20+ years as a second line. I questioned them so many times, and made so many calls making sure I would have no problem switching the phone back to my name.

LOL! Of course there won't be a problem. When I moved, they couldn't transfer the number? Why, because it was my son's number. Son has to be there to okay it. We okayed it together on the phone about 3 times. I say 3, because I have to allow for the hang ups. Love that.

I don't have a cell phone, so I really needed this phone. Finally they decided 3 days after I moved, I could have a temporary phone number hooked up. Awesome. Nope, we can't forward your calls. What?

Then after about 12 days of this b.s. I call them back, and get my phone calls forwarded; and tada I can have my old phone number. Did I mention the temporary phone number they gave me belonged to someone who had creditors calling? But, wait there's more.

Now I have 2 phone numbers coming into the house. *** me, I asked them to remove the temporary phone number. They did, and then they also removed the ability for anyone to call me on my old phone line.

After calling 3 times today, and saying I cannot receive phone calls.........I am told they only did the first half of the fix, and it can take up to 72 hours to fix. I loved that every single person, when I asked for a supervisor, asked if they could have one call me back! I wish! Nope, they can't call me back, and neither can anyone else.

I can not say how much I can not stand this company. Thanks for the rant.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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Resolved! :)

Finally a happy end to the story, and no longer need to vent!

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