I recently applied for Internet service from comcast. While talking to a customer service representative online, he/she has asked for my SSN.

On further discussion about providing my SSN, the customer rep clearly mentioned that there won't be any credit checks run on my account as I did not give them authorization to do so. I was informed that I would have to pay $50 deposit in case I didn't want credit check to be done against my account. I agreed to this and a payment of $50 was made. A couple of day later I receive multiple mails from Comcast stating which to my surprise ( rather shock) were credit check reciepts.

So Comcast had done not 1 or 2 but EIGHT ILLEGAL UNAUTHORISED credit checks against my account. So whe I called Comcast to check what was happening they confirmed that this with some apologies. Someone from the collections department was supposed to call us and sort this for us and we are still waiting. We have spoken a zillion customer service reps and their supervisors and so on over these 2 weeks.

So left with very lil patience and still waiting for a call from Comcast to fix this for their own good.

When I say THEIR OWN GOOD, I literally mean it. Am sure a company like Comcast knows the legal consequences of this if not anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Location: San Jose, California

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