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They are a rip off! I signed up for it online because of a promotion they were running and when I got the invoice for the installation I called them because they charged me for basic cable that the apartments that I live in pay for.

After waiting on hold for 30 minutes and being transferred two times I finally get to talk to someone who can't even speak English clearing. What the ***? After explaining my situation to that *** 4 times, she finally told me that since the owner of the apartments pays for basic cable I don't qualify for the promotion. Of course not.

They want to rip off you as much as you'll let them. I got so frustrated I yelled at her to get me a supervisor. After talking to the supervisor, my bill went up from 49.99 to 65.00 a month. What a deal, right?

She told me to call back when I got my first bill in the mail so they could fix it because it was going to be more than what I really owed so I did. The *** that I talked to told me that he fixed it and assured me that my bill was going to be around 65.00 a month. The next day I'm flipping through some channel and come across some channels that I no longer get. OMG!

So, I called yet again to talk to another one of the idiots and trust me he was. He told me that my apartments doesn't pay for basic cable and that if I want the channels I once had it would cost 75.00 a month. Again, jack up the price. Did I mention that I don't get any kind of movie channels?

None. This is just for the basic stuff. I've had it. My boyfriends mom is one the the leasing ladies at the apartments so he called her and told her what was going on.

She called those *** and they told her that since I had the online promotion I can't get the free cable that my apartments pay for. I don't have that promotion!!!! So, now I have to call these *** again. I'm going to cancel this *** and go to dish.

Do not get Comcast!

You will regret it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Lincoln, Idaho, United States #27864

:? Iam just having the best word to describe.

This site is fraud!! I advised few hundreds of my friends in there to get the *** out!! Incoming mails are all auto set. I don't believe that a standard member can only send a "wink" back but not reply.

My credit cards are mine, don't demand for that. This is a total *** site!!!

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