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1. Every call or online chat to Comcast staff have the same wording, "don't worry I understand.

I will help you." Whether it's technical difficulties or billing difficulties they don't understand and they do not help. I can call back three different times, get three different people and three different solutions that do not work

2. The most recent was a week ago I had a billing issue. I spoke with the technician, I had an online chat with the rep and I had a phone call with a billing supervisor.

All three assured me that they would document my account and there would be no further issues.A week later I got an email from Comcast and the problem was not solved, so I got on the online chat. That rep told me that NO ONE had documented anything on my account regarding this billing issue. Why would ALL 3 agents LIE to me? I have a copy of the online chat, so I have exact documentation of exactly what was promised, but in contacting Tom Karinshaks Office, I received an email from his rep totally not answering the issues at all.

Tom Karinshak is vice president of customer affairs and the rep in his office is no more capable or solution oriented than their every day representatives. Comcast is the only cable network in my area, so I had no choice but to use them.

I cannot believe that the US government allows Comcast to monopolize the cable TV industry. These Comcast people have lied to me time and time again and apparently that is okay with Comcastmanagement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That's right. If you can get past the rigorous automated service and actually get to a customer service representative you will find that indeed the calls are scripted.

I have gotten the same exact words every time… Don't worry. I will help you. My only worry has been that the representative does not understand what I'm saying and that the scripted statement reading he will help me is not true.

So, I have stopped calling into Comcast ....it is a waste of time ......they have the worst customer service hands-down. We need more table options available to consumers.

to Me too #874752

Yes no more cable monopolies please give us options

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