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So, I was a loyal Comcast customer for over 10 years, beginning in 2000. Then, I started having trouble with some of my services and decided to give AT&T Uverse a shot, since they finally showed up in my community.

Loved it, loved them, and loved their consistent attention and care for their customers...not to say they don't have issues at times, but they handle things so very well that they make you feel bad for even bringing it up. That said...I had to move, just up the street to a new community, and I am being forced to use Comcast (Bulk services?). I upgraded to the triple play back on the 5th of June, and was told that the equipment would be delivered within 3-5 business days. Great.

Fantastic. On the the 10th I called just to see where things ask when I might be receiving my equipment...and was told that the order was still sitting in their system with a "pending" status, so had never been forwarded to the warehouse that ships the equipment -- I asked how that could possibly have happened, and I also asked what would have been the outcome had I not called to check...dude said, " one would have known if you had not called..." What?! So I said, "...alrighty then...let's get that fixed -- and by the way...can you send that to me fast-tracked, since I am now without TV, Internet, or phone?" He said, " problem...just one thing though, you're gonna need to pay $29 for the quicker shipment." At that point I was so frustrated that I just said whatever...and he said they would "share" the cost with know, like it was MY fault that they didn't do their jobs correctly the first time. Fine.

On the 15th, still no equipment. Third call...oh, wait...we just now sent that package out to you...and we don't have any actual tracking information to help determine when you will actually get the package...could be tomorrow, could be a couple of days after that. Package showed up on the 16th...but wait, there were only two of the four pieces of equipment I was expecting. Fourth call.

Rep says, your account activity actually shows that it's been cancelled...and it looks like prior to the cancellation, there were only two pieces of equipment ordered. What?! Yep...four reps and two supervisors later, I am being told that I now have to wait for a call tomorrow (18th) for the account to be straightened out...and if I try to make any changes to the account (since none of the reps actually got my itemization correct), then "...the audit department would make it so that NO SERVICES would be connected at my location..." What?! The last rep I spoke to acted as if I had called back all those times to make changes to my order, when in fact, each time I called back -- BECAUSE OF THEIR TOTAL AND COMPLETE LACK OF COMPETENCE -- I had them read back to me what was shown in the order and IT WAS NEVER CORRECT.

How is that my fault? These folks really don't give a *** about customer service or just plain SERVICE for that matter. I just don't get how they can all be so callous regarding how they affect our lives. I know they have a ton of customers, and I know they have it so that you are basically stuck in certain situations or areas; however, know this...depending on where you live, work, & play, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THEM AT ALL.

I have the option to split up my services and only take the Basic/Expanded that the complex forces us to use...and I will use another company for my internet and phone. ANY OTHER COMPANY. Almost everything you watch on Cable can now be accessed through the internet and all sorts of apps. Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc., are now viable options to completely do away with cable.

Comcast has basically ensured that I will now be one of the loudest voices in the "down-with-Comcast" arena. My puny little dollars may not make a big difference to them...but by God, I will spend the rest of my days trying to convert as many folks as I can reach.


Reason of review: Poor Customer Service, Order Processing, Delivery, etc., etc..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Comcast Cons: Supervisors are untrained, Supervisors do not care.

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