I have spent 6 hrs this week calln Comcast only 2 hold 7min. each call n be disconnected after holdn.

After 22 consecutive calls I get an agent who has the nerve to have an attitude. And to add nsult to injury there was no solution giving to problem. I have been Comcast less thadn a yr. n have had 6 technicians here 4 the same problem.

There is no bill no bill I hate 2 pay more becausre of the HOI RRIBL HORRIBLE customer service Because the same problem cotinues to exist I would only recommend Comcast 2 anyone if I was trying to aggrivate them or make them suicidle. Btw don't even bother to consder the recomindation of contacting thee address given b4 postn here.

They don't contact you back or address complaint. They don't care about costomers and they don't mind showing it, that's why it is so diffcult

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Lynchburg, Virginia, United States #655436

Learn how to spell.


If you speak like you write no wonder you have problems! Spend your money on an EDUCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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