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I signed up for Comcast bundle services (phone, internet, and TV) on 8/22 via the internet. I scheduled an appointment for today (8/31/2009) between 6-8pm for installation.

Today (8/31/2009) I tried to use their online chat service to make sure my appointment was still on since I haven't heard from them- but that didn't work because the guy I was chatting with (Ryan) took like 5 minutes between responses. I CALL THEM to confirm they are coming and they have no record of my order!!!! Then they tell me that the earliest they can be here is another week away!!!! The lady I was speaking with tried to pass the buck and say that I needed to talk to the internet department.

She finally agreed that they can come tomorrow for installation but that will mean knocking off of work early again tomorrow and waiting for a guy to come install my services. I'm also pretty sure that she gave me some misinformation regarding my need for a modem- I told her that I have my own modem but she said I have to have one from them also- that is not correct according to their website- I guess they want to milk me for another $36 a year!

I would gladly go with a satellite provider if my apartment was positioned so that i could have it! I hope the rest of my experience isn't this ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Dude they have the NFL channel for free now, its so cool!!! Can't wait for the season to start, dude, I going for the Bears to win it all at the superbowl!

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