Atlanta, Georgia

So, I am so miffed right now and I will post this on any possible outlet that I can. I have to say that Comcast is fraudulent in its dealings by deceiving people into paying extra for their services.

I recently switched and was robbed by Comcast. Allow me to explain.

I requested a double play with DVR and then the Tech brings a starter box (incapable of DVR). I should also add that the Tech missed my first appointment and as compensation I was going to be given Starz channel.

Anyways , month ends and I get a bill for Triple play (they never installed a phone in my house) plus charges for having Starz. So I called and they apologized and said they were going to send a Tech down (at no charge) to switch the box. Guess what, they took away the charges for the triple play only to charge me $60 because theTech came to my house! My explanation that it was Comcast's fault originally fell on deaf ears and they said the best they could offer (since I signed that I was satisfied when the tech came) me was *** $30!

Honestly, at this point it's no longer about the amount, it's the length to which Comcast would go to extort money and defraud customers.

Unfortunately, I do not have a choice and I have to stick with Comcast because it's the only cable company permitted by my apartment. If you have a choice, please go with it. It'll definitely be better than Comcast.

t's painful that Comcast does not care because they have monopoly over the market. If there was a way to award negative stars, I would because that's Comcast deserves.

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I'm with you! I ordered HD service and the 3rd party underpaid unprofessional contractor brought out some old smoke infested lame box!

I told the tech that is not what I ordered and all he said was that was what the invoice said. I had to drive to the local office to exchange later that week. After several attempts and bad equipment I got one that finally worked correctly. a couple years later now, I put up with all the fee changes and add-ons that they saw fit from time to time but today I finally had enough.

Took there *** in and canceled now will suffer and do with out. Just glad to see them gone and maybe for good!!


The product is ok and the installers are ok BUT most of the people on the phone, especially the ones out of the country are out and out liars. They will tell you anything and never get anything done.

Prices change, services change and if you speak to five people, you get five different answers or solutions. If I could charge for my time wasted on the phone, it would pay for the service for many, many months.

I will get rid of them ASAP. I think it's called, "jumping from the frying pan into the fire"

One unhappy customer

John N

Good example of why people should never sign something they don't agree with, ie., that you are satisfied with the tech, etc.

Also, you might seriously consider dropping cable and go to streaming via a Roku box. Saves alot of money and you don't pay for all the channels you never watch.