Chicago, Illinois

I am extremely upset! I just moved into my new place bought all new furniture appliances 3,50in plasma t.v's !, i ordered comcast they came to install cable phone internet one of the boxs taht i know of because i havent checked the other two was/ is infested with ROACHES!

Roach *** all inside the box! its disgusting! To make matters worst the box with the roaches is in my BEDROOM!

This is unexceptable i have spent about three hundred dollars on RAID products at this point a im calling the experts orkin & i EXPECT comcast to foot the bill!

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I have a feeling that formeremployee is a disgrunted employee that got fired.


I don't know if you know this but Comcast uses previously used boxes. The cable box that you have was probably in a roach infested location before-hand and the person in charge of checking these boxes was being very lax in his judgment. Most likely Comcast wont do anything because the unfortunate thing is they just dont care...


comczst is so full o shitgo ahead and order their internet package and see what happens in a short time you wind up paying for sombodies college educationand the speed is the same as dailup no great miricle

the only speed is the speed with whichthey multiply your bill and hound you


Perhaps the bugs were in your house and got into the box and you are trying to *** them into paying the bills. With your spelling and grammar you probably have limited education.

That means you probably have a low paying job and can't afford to pay the bill so you are trying to get someone else to pay for it. I see how this whole thing is playing out.


We apologize for experience.

We would like to investigate this so that we can prevent any recurrence in the future.

Please send us the phone number on your account at the email provided below. This information will help in our investigation.

Thank you for providing the opportunity to assist!

Mark C.

Comcast Corp.