West Hartford, Connecticut

I am a long standing Comcast customer in excellent credit standing. My current pay per view limit is $25.

I called last night to increase this amount. The answer was NO! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told none were available. I called today and the first response from the customer service manger was again NO!

I asked to speak to a supervisor who indicated she could increase my amount to the requested amount of $50 and it would be effective in 2-3 hours. Here I am at 8:30 pm and GUESS WHAT? They lied! I still cannot order a pay per view movie.

I spoke with Mark, the customer service rep and then Stephen, supposedly the manager and was told they cannot increase the amount. I have to go into a store! I can do everything else online but this? This is the worst customer service and I will be looking into other options for my phone, cable and Internet.

I will purchase an Apple TV so I can order movies without dealing with comcast. If this is how they treat good customers I am totally appalled.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #746983

Why did you not order an APPLE TV in the first place?This would have saved you the time and Effort that you put in trying to order and Upgrade from Comcast?And also to BeMore 1958 seems to me your daughter caused you more trouble by getting angry and Disconnecting the entire contract.Now where does the blame belong's on your daughter or On Comcast?You people should have learned by now these Internet companies could care less if you lose your control and Do something drastic.In the end who really pay's the Internet companies or You just saying?Know what you are getting into before you get into it and Their will be no problem from the start to the finish of your contract.


I am disabled and television is only form of entertainment I have. My daughter works all week and we tried last month to order a movie and was unable to do so, something about the balance.

Last night tried to order a movie, I have been waiting all week to watch a movie and relax with my daughter, she tried to order and couldn't. She called and Comcast told her that she had reached her pay per view limit! Amazing because we haven't order a movie in months, well needless to say she was pissed off. So she told them to disconnect all the sh@t(excuse the language) they did, but the screwed up my tv, so she called to have it reconnected now I can't view anything on my tv and I am bed ridden!

Comcast contacted her to upgrade now there is a limit, prior to this triple play upgrade we would order up to 4 movies. The upgrade was to cost less, well the bill is still $400 or more bucks and get this, the bill isn't past due and we have not been able to order a movie in 2 months! She is gonna call tomorrow down grade to basic cable AGAIN!!!!! Contact the Atty.

General (try to void contract with Security System) and go back to AT&T! I tried to tell her Comcast doesn't give a flying rat's BUTT about urban customers. Part of my Social Secuirty pays this bill and I'm sure Congress would be fascinated that a disabled woman who is bed ridden can't watch her TV for days because Comcast chooses to mis treat customers in Urban areas. I tried to tell my daughter, but of course she didn't listen.

I had the same experience with them years ago and when she moved back home to help take care of me, she ordered Comcast! I told her so.....but she was so convinced that it would be less expensive in the end....Comcast charges an arm and a leg (in advance) for lousy customer service.

Until customers start to scale back on the services they choose, Comcast will continue to treat their Urban Customers like ***!!!!!!!! :( :x

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